Saturday Engineering Enrichment and Design School


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Call to Organize the Event

Green Reception and Green Goodbye

Building a Multicultural Living Learning Power Grid


Approaching "Cradle to Cradle"

What Are the Benefits of Children Eating Snacks During School?

Volunteer Invitation

ELG4125 End-of-Course Celebration

Each course "project members" may bring green / healthy / cultural / waste-free snacks or drinks (enough for 6 people) using reusable containers or materials


Green Reception

the snacks build the grid

the grid inspires celebration

snacking the healthy grid supply energy


Green Goodbye

waste will be managed

by Student Green Keepers

Thank you for participating in this sustainability education event


The program is inspired by the 17 UN SD goals and the 12 SD engineering principles


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Next Event

December 21, 2017: Greening Design and Entrepreneurship 


This event begins with a discussion of green engineering design and entrepreneurship. Speakers will be invited and several student projects will be presented. It will be followed by an exhibition of about 50 hands-on mechatronics student projects.



Mark Pearson, Business Development Manager, Technology Transfer Office, University of Ottawa