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Contra-rotating small energy wind converter (SWEC)

Wind turbine noise and vibration

Wind tunnel tests

High performance induction machines

Power electronics

Power quality and filters

Control and connection to electric grid

Three-phase induction machine as a single-phase generator

Smart monitoring system


Outdoor Future Test Facility

This institutional (OPA, OCE, University)- and industry-funded project reinforce with experimental and computational results the effectiveness of employing contra-rotating system and induction generator to enhance performance of a small wind energy converter (SWEC). With these both technologies, the SWEC works more efficient and therefore can produce more energy in a unit turbine area.

To verify the SWEC performance, a research model has been built and tested over a range of operating conditions at the WindLab. Wind tunnel tests were carried out to ascertain overall performance of the contra-rotating wind turbine. The results demonstrated a significant increase in output power and capability of operation at lower wind speeds compared to a single-rotor system of the same type.

The second aspect of development in this project is the fabrication of 1 kW unit to be installed on roof of CBY Building A, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ottawa. This facility which should be ready by mid summer 2011 will act as a test bed outdoor lab to be monitored from the WindLab at CBY Building B.


 We are the winner of four competitions in 2010

CDIO International, Montreal, May 15-18, 2010 (See Poster)

Best OPA Project


People’s Choice Award, Technology Venture Challenge Challenge  (http://techvc.org/)

Elevator Pitch Competition, Telfer School of Management, Ottawa.













Wind energy has become a major scientific discipline with a potential for research and education